Skylight Repairs


Here at Hanlon Roofing we offer numerous roofing services, from skylight repairs to complete roof overhauls. Every job we undertake is carried out by our highly qualified team of roofing experts, and we aim to provide you with cost-effective, long-term solutions for any roofing issue.


Skylight Leaks


The most frequent repairs made to skylights typically involve leaking flashing or seals. Most skylights in people’s homes are over 10 years old and skylight maintenance is often overlooked by homeowners. Without the necessary skylight upkeep glass fails, gaskets shrink, flashing becomes loose and the skylight starts to leak.


Due to a skylights roof mounted position, moisture is a common problem. Many skylight leaks begin when water collects within the gaps in the skylight itself, in the flashing around the skylight, or between the skylight frame and roof tiles or sheeting. When this water freezes, it expands, thus causing the gap in your skylight to expand. After a few years of this expansion and contraction cycle, your skylight will eventually start to leak.

Skylight Repair | The Skylight Repair Experts

Flashing can become damaged over time due to its exposure to the elements, or it may not have been installed properly to begin with. Improper installation and poor fitting procedures are a common cause of skylight leaks. Improper flashing installations account for a large majority of skylight leaks which is why we recommended that you hire a qualified professional to install any type of skylight.


If you notice any leaks around your skylight, contact Hanlon Roofing for a free repair quote. Our team’s extensive knowledge of skylight repairs means we can provide our services for a wide range of manufacturers to extend the life of your skylight. We’re here to help with all your roof repair and installation needs, with over 25 years experience serving Dublin.


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